Michaela Pnacek(ova)


I am an XR maker, creative technologist and researcher.

I was born in former communist Czechoslovakia, and I have moved all around the world just to discover that the world is within me. At the moment, I am a PhD candidate, researcher and ELIA scholar at York University, Toronto. My focus lies in ethical co-creation with the machines. I am a research and graduate assistant at Immersive Storytelling Lab, Peripheral Visions Lab and Sensorium at York University.


My first VR piece (co-created and co-produced with Jamie Balliu) Symphony of Noise VR was exhibited at VRHam!, Reeperbahn Music Festival, IDFA Doc Lab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction in Amsterdam 2019, LEV Madrid 2020, Geneva International Film Festival 2020 and FIVARS 2020. It received the FIVARS 2020 Award for Excellence in Sound Design and Forbes Magazine listed it among the best XR installations of 2019. In 2017 together with Mike Robbins, I have co-created and produced an interactive predictive policing app Pre-Crime Calculator. During my work as a film producer in Germany, I produced three feature length documentaries (Border Cut, 2018; Waterproof, 2019; Scars, 2020) and two short fiction films. I was the co-producer of a mixed reality project Chomsky vs. Chomsky: First Encounter which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2020. Co-founder of FairEVA (Mozilla Trustworthy AI Project).


CIBC Art Award 2020 (CA), FIVARS Award 2020 (CA), Marseille Web Fest Award 2019 (FR), Special Mention at the Bosch Stiftung East European Co-Production Prize 2014 (DE), EWA Development Award 2017 (EU) and Golden Frog Award for Best Feminist Play in 2009 (CZ). Alumnus of Ex Oriente Workshop 2014, MAIA Workshop 2014, Doc Tank 2017, id workshop at Visions du Reél 2017, !Flab Prototype Booster 2017, Mozilla Fest 2022, European Creators’ Lab – Booster 2022.


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