1 February 2023 – 13 May 2023 @OCADu Onsite Gallery, Toronto

The exhibition more-than-human is a group show of media artworks at the intersection of these four promising nodes: art, science, Indigenous worldviews, and technology. The works in the show speculatively and poetically use multimodal storytelling as a vehicle for interpreting, mattering,
and embodying more-than-human ecologies, with the goal of critically and emotionally engaging with the important work of de-centring the human, even while the viewer is that human. Many of the works use technological and scientific tools as entry points for witnessing and interacting with these more-than-human worlds, as they help visualize phenomena beyond human sensory perception while nevertheless situating us within them. Together the works in the show offer embodied and felt perspectives that interweave scientific and Indigenous perspectives, opening the wild possibility of a discovery being a remembering.

Emerging from the Water (Resonance)
dolleen tisawii ’ashii manning + mary bunch

Creative Technology and Design by Michaela Pnacekova (VR and Unreal), Christina Dovalis (OffWorld 360 videography in Unreal, projection mapping).

Emerging from the Water (Resonance) is an output of EarthDiver: Land Based Worlding, a MITACS-funded project at the Peripheral Visions Co-Lab, in partnership with Native Women in the Arts. The project is also supported by VISTA – Vision: Science to Applications / Canada Research Excellence
Fund (CREF), and the SSHRC Canada Research Chairs Program. Creative T


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